From Waianae, Asher Morgado is known for his dance skills, creative freestyle and choreography. He is versatile in styles ranging from street hip hop to ballet, but his heart beats strongest for popping, krumping, and contemporary dance. With early beginnings in acting and community arts, he has won multiple talent shows and excelled as a choreographer since age 10. Training in Hawaii, LA, and Vegas, Asher brings his energetic, storytelling & inspiring performances to Crossing Rain. 

For Asher, dance and music are instruments of joy and transformation. He's on a mission to inspire and spread positivity, sharing his dynamic passion to make a lasting impact on others along side his brothers in Crossing Rain!

Where do you consider "home" ?

Waianae, Hawaii will always be my home, and also, wherever my family resides.

What's your go-to boba order?

Classic milk tea with medium boba.


Skateboarding, roller skating, surfing, hiking, exploring nature/underground places, creating content, short films, movies & editing.

Artistic Influences?

Johnny Suite, Brandon Lake, and Mark Villaver.

Favorite thing about Hawaiʻi?

Hawai’i is an amazing place to live because of the delicious island foods, beautiful beaches & the lovely people who portray the aloha spirit!