Born and raised in Aiea, Devin Teruya grew with a passion of music and performing at a young age. His love for musical theater and dance eventually led him to K-pop, where he currently draws a lot of inspiration. Devin has dabbled in different dance styles and vocal training, making him a well-rounded performer. Being a member of CROSSING RAIN has allowed him to share his love for music and dance and hopes he can bring as much joy to the world as it has to him.

Where do you consider "home" ?

Wherever my bed is :)

What's your go-to boba order?

Honeydew milk tea with egg pudding.


Shopping (sometimes window shopping), reading conspiracy theories/scary stories, and watching Kpop.

Artistic Influences?

Jungkook,grentperez, Lewis Capaldi, and Sienna Lalau

Favorite thing about Hawaiʻi?

The food!