Hilo, Hawai’i born CROSSING RAIN member, Jorden “J” Kealoha-Yamanaka, has been professionally performing and playing music since 2015. With the help of the musical upbringing of his family, Jorden is well versed in multiple music genres and styles, and can also play a number of musical instruments including Guitar, Piano, and Ukulele. Jorden is the only member amongst the group who is part Native Hawaiian and hopes that through his journey with XR, he is able to educate people around the world of the culture, the history, and the importance of Hawai’i, the land, and it’s people.

Where do you consider "home" ?

Hawai’i Island.

What's your go-to boba order?

Signature Milk Tea with large boba or taro coconut smoothie with large boba.


Golfing, Star Wars, and shopping.

Artistic Influences?

Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Arin ray, and Michael Jackson.

Favorite thing about Hawaiʻi?