Born in Tokyo, Japan, in 2008, Shotaro Takasawa moved to Hawaiʻi at the age of ten. His strong passion for dance has been sparked by his father’s performance as an idol in Japan. Through music and performance, he hopes to provide everyone with a sense of security and belonging, as well as a healing and consoling environment. The name “Shotaro” translates to “big-smile-boy” in Kanji. As the name was gifted by his parents, Shotaro hopes to live up to his name by living positively, staying true to himself and smiling through any of life’s difficulties.


Where do you consider "home" ?

Tokyo Japan.

What's your go-to boba order?

Anything with with lychee jelly.


listening to music (if that counts lol) if not cleaning my room, watching/ drawing anime, and doing anything with my little brother

Artistic Influences?

My dad (Yamaguchi Tatsuya), Vaundy, Ni-ki, Hirano Sho.

Favorite thing about Hawaiʻi?

The people.